Face to Face


An hour of pain and submission at my feet. An hour that, more than likely, you won’t be forgetting soon.

*Dungeon price not included

150€ (1 H)


My particular recommendation for the first time you put yourself in my hands.

*Dungeon price not included

300€ (2 H)


Want to get to know me in a more social environment? Watch as I humiliate you because you’re not ordering the right things? I suggest you come ready for what’s lying ahead of you.

*Food and drinks not included

200€ (2 H)


If you’d like to lay yourself at my feet during a whole afternoon (or morning!)… I’ll be taking advantage of you in and out of the dungeon.

*Dungeon price and other expenses not included

600€ (4 H)

Rose Bouquet

Do you dream of submitting to me and some of my friends? It won’t be easy and it won’t come cheap, but if you feel daring…

*Dungeon price not included

Ask me about it (Hasta 4 H)

Custom Pink

Want more hours? To take me in a trip? An extended stay? Any of these require that we’ve already met, but I encourage you to send me your special proposal.

*Expenses not included

Ask me about it



Want to submit but are unable to do it in person? Wanna ask me super long questions or tell me about your life (which I really don’t care about)? Try this.

*No pics included

20€ (15 M)


Ready to turn it up a notch? We can do a more intense scene, RolePlay included.

*No pics included

25€ (15 M)

Petit Suisse

Are you into feet and socks fetishism? You’re lucky, ’cause so am I. Humiliate yourself for me, worship my feet and maybe, you’ll get some pictures.

*3 pictures per 15m period, max.

30€ (15 M)

Pamper Me

How about you check my Amazon Wishlist?
Get me something in pink (I won’t wear it if it’s black) latex from any of the following brands: Libidex, Fetasia or Dead Lotus Couture
Maybe some pink or white harness or garter from 8th Sin Couture?
You can get me an Amazon Gift Card (to yourkinkinpink@protonmail.com)
Or a Gift Rocket (to yourkinkinpink@protonmail.com)