You will hand it to me in a closed envelope upon arrival.

Personal Hygiene

You will clean yourself carefully, making sure that you’re squeaky clean.

If the session is going to include any kind of ana play, you will make sure to follow this guide.

Introduction and Communication

You will fill out my contact form and properly introduce yourself, letting me know what you’re seeking and why do you want to submit to me.

You will let me know about any kind of allergy, health problem, and you will tell me about your physical condition.

My time is sacred, so all your questions will be asked clearly and appropriately.

You will always properly communicate with me, without forgetting what your place is.

We will discuss your limits prior to the session.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance for me, and so will mine be for you.

I demand a deposit of 50€ for all in-person meetings.

Substance Use

I require that your mental state be clear and sober



Inmobilization, body and genital bonding, rope play, shibari.

Role Play

I love role playing, and I’m particularly interested in subverting traditionally shy and submissive roles. I will be the student who’ll bend you over her knee, the little angel you can’t say no to, or the virgin priestess who’ll demand your tribute for the gods.

Corporal Punishment

Spanking by hand is my fave, but I do have a dressage whip that I love to use. Of course, I’m a fan of canes and paddles.

Psychological Games

From blackmail to mindfucking, taking a stroll through humiliation (be it public or private, I enjoy it anywhere).


You can admire my feet as long as you’ve been a good boy. If you like used panties and socks, I might consider selling them to you for the appropriate price. Additionally, I’m alawys open to exploring new fetishes.


Why don’t I transform you in my fave pony? I’m sure you’d make a lovely pinky pie. I can also turn you into a super cute girl, or into the slut who begs at my feet.


CBT and tease and denial will always be close to my heart, but we mustn’t forget things such as wax play or sensory torture. Remember, all my garters have spikes in’em : )

Social Meetings

Do you want to feel humiliated in public? Stand by and look while I spend your money in new garters, or in my fave videogames and manga-books? Or maybe you’d rather have me teach you a lesson in your fave museum? If you want to meet me in a more… relaxed setting, I’m always one to creep out of the dungeon. And I love lunch dates!

Maybe Soon…

I’m extremely interested in learning more about mummification, trampling, medical and needle play and getting better at shibari.