Mistress Tamar

Your KinkIn Pink

Your sweetest London and Kent Dominatrix, with a knack for spanking. Have you ever wanted to find out what happens when a good girl goes awful bad? You’ve come to the right place. I’m Mistress Tamar, and you’re gonna beg to lick my sneakers. You’ll adore it when I smother you with my socks, and before you even notice, you’ll be missing the sweet contempt of my voice ordering you around. Do you want to know more? I’m a young, adorable and ruthless girl with an obsession for everything pink and the sugary aesthetics: either dressed up as a schoolgirl, in pastel hues, with a little latex skirt or in a proper Sweet Lolita outfit, Domination has never looked so cute.

I’m completely obsessed with perverting and subverting the roles and aesthetics of traditional D/s. I’m not interested in black leather, impossible heels or being cold and distant. I’m interested in you trembling whenever I smile, quivering when I wink at you and… of course, you begging for mercy. It’s not going to be easy: a session with me will put you to the test both physically and mentally, as it should be. I’m not going to lie: I like it when you hurt. Even if the pain is not physical. You’re not going to get any rewards taking the easy way. I enjoy being cruel and inventing new ways to torture you and to make you understand what you are: a poor wretch who desperately needs me.

I’m currently spending my time between Kent and London, although I occasionally travel to Spain.

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